Hradecká 183, 378 62 Kunžak

Hradecká 183, 378 62 Kunžak


Welcome on website which aren’t just about our dogs – centralasiensheperd, but too about our small company “farm”, accommodation and  homemade cheese, which we produce for pleasure from ours hame sources. We are located in south part of Czech in village Kunžak and we are trying to live in compliance with nature

We have to prepare accommodation in beautiful and earthy style PROVENCE.

Holiday apartment are located in scenic village Kunžak, which are in region ČESKÉ KANADY.

Kunžak is closely from Jindřichův Hradec, Dačice adn Telče, little bit far is Jihlava, České Budějovice, Hluboká nad Vltavou and  for example Třeboň.

In our surroundings are many places where you can swim in nature or pools. You can visit a lot of knight’s castle or castle and recognition pathway.

There you can find us 


Actual price list from year 2017, condition, accommodation, payment-

Prices which you can see are for apartment



In my my free time i make products which are from our “farm” and nature. Primarily it is making cheese, which are form consumption and then My products you can find in section Homemade cheese, Nature cosmetic, and there you can see my recipes.